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Trying out Digital Art!

2016-11-20 14:20:05 by ArtByDare


I've been very intruiged by digital art lately, not only because it's quite forgiving when you mess up (ctrl-Z) but because there are just so many possibilities in what you can create!
I've been in contact with digital art in the past, but I mainly kept to traditional art (colored pencils, markers, watercolors, oil pastels etc.)
After seeing the high level on which amazing artworks can be created with graphics tablets it's like a whole new world has opened up to me that I've never seen before!

A few months ago I wasn't very aware about the whole online art community, the power of graphics tablets and that it was possible to sketch directly onto you computer. Sure, I made some stuff in Photoshop, but more often than not I just cleaned up linework.

I don't own a graphics tablet yet, but I do want to start expanding my skillset into digital art.
I will thus be creating an Animal Print Series (Not really prints but I liked the ring this had to it).

I will be making a sketch and lining it traditionally. Then I will somehow get that onto my computer and try to color it in digitally using my mouse or trackpad.
This will give me some practice in coloring digitally, and I will also be able to practice drawing faces, expressions and making my art more dynamic.

Hopefully by the time I'm done saving up for my tablet, I've accumulated some digital art skills to be able to make even better art!

Join in on my progress! #AnimalPrintSeries
The first one is already up and is called Bunny Starry Eyes
The next one will be this Fishy



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